Income Tax Return

Do you have Form-16? (salaried People)

Have Form-16?

Kickstart filing by uploading your Form-16. Fill the basic details like Name, Phone number and Upload the form-16 through an upload features on our website.

Don't You have Form-16?(salaried people)

Fill the simple form yourself

Fill the basic details of yours and upload Aadhar card, Pan card and bank statement. An Executive will get you in touch with you.

Fill the iTR (Self Employed)

Fill the details, Quick and Easy.

Fill the basic details, turnover of your business and upload aadhar card, pan card, bank statement and GST returns (IF GST REGISTERED).

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अब अपनी इंकम टैक्स रिटर्न फ़ाइल करे वाटस एप पर मात्र 2 मिनट में. अभी अपना Form-16 वाटस एप करे.
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